“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy-laden and overburdened, and I will cause you to rest – I will ease and relieve and refresh your souls.” Matthew 11:28, Amp.

Oh, God, I have heard it said that you will never give us more than we can handle. But, I know that is not true. You will give us more than we can handle in order to encourage us to rely on you! So, I am running to you today, Lord! You are my strength and the Rock upon which I stand. Thank you for guiding me through difficult times when I cannot see the clear path on my own. Without you, I would be lost in a maze of confusion, self-doubt and hopelessness. But, I praise you, Lord! You are the One who refreshes my soul! With you, I can face all the obstacles in my path. You are the one who will see me through the trials. The burden that I am carrying, you never intended for me to carry on my own. With your yoke upon both of our shoulders I have the courage and strength to move forward. Thank you, Lord, for giving me rest!

Running to You,

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  1. My pastor did a sermon a while back on the myth of how God will never give us more than we can handle. I really appreciated that message. Somewhere I read another message on it recently and now again today. I loved that you have shared this today, Joan, because your faith and trust in Him to see you through your current circumstances encourages my heart and I know will do so for many. I am so grateful that He is always there reaching out His hand for us. Much love to you. Keeping you in my prayers. xoxo

  2. Thanks, Beth! I am so grateful that He doesn't leave us alone to try to make it through the challenges in life. He is right beside us! And when we depend on Him, He lightens our loads and makes our way clear. I'm so glad you were encouraged! I'm heading over to 3WW now!

    Love, Joan

  3. Angie Kay WebbJune 25, 2014

    Beautiful as always. God gives us so much so we grow into who He wants us to become. I am growing due to all He has sent my way and I hope I am better for it...even though it has been painful

  4. Thanks, Angie! Growth can sometimes be painful, can't it? But what a relief to know that God always brings good out of tough situations! I'm relying on Him today!

  5. Amen Joan. His grace is sufficient. He has given me grace and strength when I wanted to curl up in a corner and hide. God is true to His promises. Thank you once again for putting it so beautifully.

  6. When I am at the end of my rope, He always comes to my rescue, offering peace and rest, when I look to Him! I am so thankful!


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