A few weeks ago I had a mini crisis in the beauty department. I woke up on a normal Monday morning that was to precede a very busy week, expecting to go through my usual routine. But then, I looked in the mirror. What I saw didn’t seem right to me. So, I turned on the bright overhead light and pulled my magnifying mirror out of the drawer to take a closer look. As soon as I was able to focus clearly on my face, I instantly saw a red swelling beginning in my right eyelid. “That’s strange,” I thought, and for a few seconds I didn’t realize what was wrong. Then, it dawned on me that I had a sty. I had never had one before, but figured this must be what they looked like.

Determined to fix it, I went to the first place so many of us go to when seeking advice - Google! I read about some home remedies and when it was recommended to go to the doctor. I decided to give it a little bit of time and then decide what to do. Well, by the time I was finished visiting with my mother two hours later, the swelling had doubled in size and there was quite a bit of pain. So, off to the doctor I went...

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