Welcome to Friday's Word!  This is my second post where I share one of my journal entries from the week as I go through the Bible and meditate on God's Word.  Since last Friday, I have found that this method for pondering and savoring scripture to be highly motivating and encouraging!  Already I have felt my bond with my Heavenly Father deepen and I am excited to see and feel new growth in me!  Thank you for joining me today.  I pray that you are blessed as I share my thoughts!

Here is my process:

  • Choose a verse and surrounding passage
  • Look it up and read it in at least two versions
  • Read the associated devotional, if applicable (I’m going through the NIV Women’s Devotional Bible 2)
  • Choose a word or phrase that jumps out at you
  • Think, ponder, absorb (take time here)
  • Write out thoughts and ideas regarding the word or scripture
  • Pray
  • Apply

Verse: 6:20

“But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, 
and where thieves do not break in and steal." (NIV)

"Store your treasures in heave, where moths and rust cannot destroy, 
and thieves do not break in and steal." (NLT)

The Word & My Thoughts:  Treasures
  • Giftings - use for God's work, serve Him
  • Blessings - share with others
  • Things - share, use in service to the Lord
  • Don't be a miser
  • Unselfishness
  • Serving
  • Value eternal things rather than things of the world that fade
  • Love, Kindness, compassion, helpfulness, generosity, sharing, forgiveness
  • People, friendships
  • Lessons from God
  • No worries, trust God

My Prayer:

Heavenly Father,

Help me to see the treasures you have for me each day - the true treasures.  I want to value what is really important and not things that the world says I need to grab.  You have given me so many blessings!  Increase my desire to share those things with others in order to show the love of Christ.  Help me to realize the gifts I have from you and use them in your service and help me to appreciate what is truly and eternally important!

In Jesus’ name, Amen.


  1. EstherJoyHunterJuly 05, 2013

    I'm trying to do something like this for my daughter. She gave me a little journal for Christmas, asked me to write in it every day what God is teaching me, and then wants it back for a gift this next Christmas!

  2. What a wonderful idea! Also, what a blessing to have your daughter want to have a record of your thoughts and prayers! I have found that when I write down my prayers and then months or years later I re-read my journal and am reminded of God's provisions and answers! It strengthens my faith every time!

  3. I love what you're doing Joan! You are focusing on what's truly valuable and does not rust or ruin; treasures in heaven. Love this.

    Blessings and love,

  4. Thanks, Deb! I have truly felt a closer connection with Him as I have gone through this "process"! I know that our relationship with Christ isn't simply a process, but, whatever method takes us deeper in the word will always bring us closer to Him!

    Blessings, Joan


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