"The Lord will work out His plans for my life - for your faithful love, O Lord, endures forever. Don't abandon me, for you made me" (Psalm 138:8).

Thank you, Father, for your plan in my life. Your love comforts me as I look to the future, for I know you have laid out the best path for me. I may not always see or understand your ways, but I trust you. I know you will never leave me, for you are faithful and true. You made me, Lord, and I long to honor you in all I do. Help me to follow you. In Jesus' name, Amen.

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  1. I find so much comfort in knowing His love endures forever and that all we need to do is trust Him and let Him show us the way.

  2. I so agree! Trusting God is the key to having peace in our hearts!

    Blessings, Joan


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