"So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our
 Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God" (Romans 5:11).

When I think of all Christ has done for me, I am overwhelmed with joy! Through His sacrifice on the cross, He has bridged the gap between us. I am no longer alone and separated from you, Father! You have allowed me into an amazing relationship with you...how can I be silent? I will sing and shout your praises! Thank you, Lord! Amen.

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  1. I am also SO very grateful for my Bridge-Builder!

    Thanks for the pep talk!


  2. Lovely thought. I remember one Sunday a while ago that the drama group used the cross and actually made it a bridge to bring people over. It was powerful.
    Great to meet you.
    If you would like to do another Wednesday link - I have started Wednesday's Word on my blog www.janiscox.com. Would love to see you,

  3. Hi Joan, such a great truth. He makes it possible for us to have a relationship with Him and He can bridge any gap
    God bless

  4. I love that we have direct access to Him! We are never alone...

  5. That sounds like a powerful image! Thanks for sharing - and for the invitation to check out Wednesday's Word! I'll be right over! Blessings, Joan

  6. Yes, with God, all things are possible because He made the way! Blessings, Joan

  7. Dear Joan,
    I have nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award . Congratulations
    and thank you for so faithfully teaching, uplifting and inspiring through your
    blogs! The originators of this award
    request that you post 7 random facts about yourself and the names of 15 other
    blogs you would like to nominate for this award. The Versatile Blogger Award
    button can be copied from my blog. Well done and God bless!

  8. Thank you, Laurie! I've seen that award out in blog land, and I'm honored! Blessings to you!!


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