Yesterday morning, as is my practice on many mornings, I was praying in my car on the way to work.  As I drove down the road, audibly speaking what was on my heart, I felt an intense closeness to our Lord.  I shared my thanks for all He has done, my hopes for the future and also my fears and concerns.  It was quite the conversation!  When I finished and closed with, “Amen”, I automatically reached for my cell phone, which was sitting in the cup holder at my side.  Without thinking, I clicked the “end call” button on its face.  The moment I did that, I started to laugh!  What an odd thing to do, I thought.  God wasn’t on the other end of the telephone!  But, that simple unconscious action got me thinking about how wonderful it is to have direct access to God.

Since sin first entered the world through an act of deception in the garden, we have been separated from God.  In the Old Testament we read that inside the temple was a holy place called the Holy of Holies.
There was a heavy curtain, which veiled the passage into this chamber, separating the people from the presence of God. Only the High Priest was allowed to enter this space where he would go once a year on the Day of Atonement.  The High Priest would then offer animal sacrifices for his sins and the sins of the people.   This was an annual event to be repeated year after year. 

Jesus, however, made a way through His ultimate sacrifice on the cross for us to become reconciled with God once and for all.  At the moment of Christ’s death, the curtain in the temple was torn allowing us direct access to our Heavenly Father.

“At that moment the curtain of the temple was torn from top to bottom.  
The earth shook and the rocks split” (Mathew 27:51).

Through our surrender to and acceptance of Jesus Christ, our sins are washed away.  We are reconciled and can now come near Him without a human mediator, for Christ Himself is our true High Priest!

“For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, 
the man Christ Jesus” (1 Timothy 2:5).

I think that sometimes, we don’t even realize how wonderful a gift that is!  No longer are we separated from our God.  We have a direct line to Him.  Because of Christ’s sacrifice, we are welcomed into His presence.  He invites us to share our hearts with Him and we have assurance that He hears us whenever we call to Him.  With confidence we can come to Him at any time in any place.  It doesn’t matter if we are in a church, a shopping mall or even in a car, He will hear and answer us when our hearts are open before Him. 

 “Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy 
and find grace to help us in our time of need” (Hebrews 4:16).

So thankful for His Grace,


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  1. I am so glad we have a direct line to God, because of what Jesus did for us. How wonderful. Praises to the King of kings :)

  2. Hi Joan,
    I've been thinking about this very topic a lot lately and I love how you said this, "At the moment of Christ’s death, the curtain in the temple was torn allowing us direct access to our Heavenly Father."

    So thankful every day for my direct line to God!



  3. I often wonder what it would have been like that day when the temple curtain was torn into. I am so thankful that we have direct access and that God never places us on hold, we don't have to go through an "answering service." Wonderful post, my friend!

  4. Hi Joan, how amusing that you turned off the cellphone! I so enjoy my time with God in the morning but I do wish I would take breaks during the day to speak to Him! Patsy

  5. Thanking and praising God with you, Joan, for His amazing, abundant, unspeakable grace! Oh, yes, how beautiful it is to be able to commune with Him at any hour, 24/7, wherever! Blessings!

  6. God listens and sends us a message in many different ways and uses lots of things to talk to us! Ha! Love this post Joan; love how we have direct access any time, any hour of the day. :)

    Blessings and hugs,

  7. Great post!

  8. It's all part of His plan...God desires a relationship with us, and communication through prayer is a huge part of it! I am praising Him, too!

  9. I don't know what I'd do without that direct line! The direct line is a life line!!

  10. I'm sure that for those who were in the temple that day, it was a frightening experience, especially since they most likely didn't understand the significance of it at the time. But, praise God that it happened and Jesus made a way for all of us!

  11. I know what you mean...I love to take breaks during the day (or night) when I can spend that special time talking with Him! But I have also found that I can talk with Him at any time in any place. It doesn't matter what I'm actually doing at the time...He is always there. What a blessing!

  12. He is always there, listening, loving, helping, nurturing! I am so thankful for His willingness (and desire) to be near us!

  13. I'm wondering if I should put God on "speed dial"! lol Actually, He is already there, isn't He? All we have to do is direct our thoughts or words to Him. We can count on His listening and attentive ear. What a blessing!

  14. Laurie CollettSeptember 03, 2012

    Preach it, Joan! Love this post! Praise God that we don't need a cell phone to speak with Him! Thanks for hosting, and Happy Labor Day,

  15. lol! You put a big smile on your face this morning, Laurie! I am so glad that we don't need a cell phone to speak with God. But, if we did, I'd make sure to have him on speed dial! Blessings to you!

  16. What a beautiful post! I just love the deep truth you drew from a habitual response.

  17. I agree Joan... thank goodness for a direct line to God! I'm sure God chuckled when He saw what you did with your mobile! I certainly did reading it :D

    Beautiful, heart warming post!

  18. Amen! I'm very grateful for my direct line with God; I've certainly taken a full advantage :). Awesome gift, indeed!

  19. Thanks, Teresa! I pray that all my habits turn my focus to God! =)

  20. "Full advantage"...that's great! What a blessing it is to utilize the awesome gift of prayer that He gives us at every opportunity!

  21. Debbie PetrasSeptember 07, 2012

    His gift of salvation is amazing! How easily we can take that for granted but it should never be so. I had to laugh when you described how you reached for your cell like that. Too funny. But your communication with Him seems to be such a natural part of your day.

    Blessings and love,

  22. His gift of salvation is something to always cherish! I am so thankful for it and for the relationship that He desires with us. What a blessing!


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