One of my blogging friends, Debbie at Heart Choices, posted that her “word for 2012” is Adventure!  Don’t you just love that word?  It elicits all sorts of emotions within me – joyful enthusiasm, happy anticipation, sometimes fear, but mostly excitement!  I know that when on an adventure I will discover new things, explore new places and experience things never before known!  When on an adventure I can expect the unexpected!  

Like Debbie, I want to go on an adventure this year – one with my Savior and Lord.  I want to climb higher, dive deeper and experience Him more intimately.  Won’t you join me? Through my blogging over the coming months, I will be chronicling my ongoing adventure with the Lord.  As I write about my experiences and how God shows and teaches me new things, I will share them with you.  My prayer is that together, we will discover a God we never knew before!  One who is bigger than we thought, more real than we hoped, and more loving than ever dreamed.  I can hardly wait!

“…God, who got you started in this spiritual adventure, shares with us the life of His Son and our Master Jesus. He will never give up on you. Never forget that.”  
1 Corinthians 1:7, The Message

In His Grip,

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