View of Yosemite Valley and El Capitan
While visiting Yosemite this past week, I marveled at the beauty and grandeur of this incredible National Park.  In my last post, I wrote that the diversity of life showcased there is a testament of God’s creativity and artistic design.  His artistry is also evident in the rugged contrasts He creates in the park’s forested areas.  The colors of the autumn foliage in comparison to the steel grey of the valley’s granite walls took my breath away.  We entered the park just as the last rays of sunlight filtered through the trees, and I became emotional witnessing the splendor of it all!  In addition to the magnificent beauty of the park, there is one thing that never fails to startle me, and that is seeing the rock climbers on the cliffs high above.

On the second afternoon in the park, I turned my focus to El Capitan, the huge rock formation that towers 3,000 feet above the valley floor.  This majestic piece of granite, with its sheer sides and craggy peak, draws climbers from all over the world.  On this trip, there were a couple of climbers making their way to the summit that particularly grabbed my attention.  I could see them in the distance, tiny specs on the side of the cliff, slowly making their ascent.  With their bodies flattened against the stone they placed hand over hand as they climbed upward to reach their goal.  But, what astounded me about these climbers most was what was right below them.  There were two tents strapped precariously against the completely vertical cliff!  I discovered that climbers often attach shelters to the sheer walls of El Capitan in order to have a place to rest during their climb and even to provide themselves with a place to sleep, away from the elements, through the cold night.  The thought of sleeping while dangling 3,000 feet above the ground completely unnerves me!  But, to these brave individuals, hugging the cliff while inside a climbing tent provides much needed rest, comfort and protection.

Just as it is the climber’s mission to cling to the towering rock for safety as he faces the elements, it is ours to cling to our Rock, Jesus Christ.  He is an immovable Rock, strong and mighty.  

“The LORD is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Savior; my God is my Rock, in whom I find protection. He is my shield, the power that saves me, and my place of safety” (Psalm 18:2).

There are many names given to the Lord in the Hebrew language.  Each one describes His divine attributes.  One of my favorites is El Sali – God of my Strength; God my Rock.  The word “El” literally translates as “might, strength, power”; and the base word “Sala” – means “cliff or crag”.  Together they describe our God as a Strong and Mighty Rock.  When we cling to that Rock, we are safe in His fortress and are granted the comfort and rest we need.

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe” (Proverbs 18:10).

The God of my Strength provides sure footing for us as we climb precariously through the uncertainties in in life.  No matter what storms swirl around us, or what challenges are in our path, He will provide us with protection.  Our God will never let us go.  When we stay close to Him, He will shelter us and give us the strength we need to reach the goal.  Today I am praising God for His mighty strength!  Jesus, you are my Rock and I am clinging to you!

Living for Him,

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  1. Oh my - I don't think I could cling to a cliff 3000 feet high. But I am thankful to be clinging to The Rock - my fortress, my strength, my shelter.

    Wonderful post, Joan.

  2. Joan, this is beautiful. Yes, no matter how steep and rough the ascent would be, our Rock, our Lord Jesus Christ, will always be there to guide, give strength, protect, and catch us when we fall - like a safety net! How wonderful is that!

    I'm giving praise to the Rock of my salvation! Have a blessed week,

  3. Hi Joan - thinking of God as my rock has seen me through many trials. I think clinging to God and hanging there precariously is way better than going through something without Him. Great post. Have an awesome week
    God bless

  4. Thank you, sweet Joan, for letting me join in. HOPE you have a great Monday...and week, enjoying HIS beauty!!!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful post and for the wonderful blog hop. New follower. Feel free to follow me at

  6. Hi Joan!
    Just stopped by to visit your Thankful blog again, and I noticed that your blog is only showing 13 people doing the blog hop, yet on mine, there are 25 now! What happened???

    Hope you are having a great week!
    Sharon :)

  7. Hi Sharon! The blogs listed on my page are a different link up than Joan Hall's blog hop :). This link up is "Sharing His Beauty" which is every Monday on my page. The one I think you are talking about is "30 Days of Thanksgiving" with Joan Hall at Reflections of His Grace. I hope you get a chance to visit all the blogs that are listed on both of our pages -- I'm sure you will be blessed!

    Thanks for visiting! Joan D.

  8. Thanks for helping me with my confusion, Joan!
    I will be sure to check out all of the blogs here too then! Glad I asked, now I'll be even MORE blessed!!

    Sharon :)

  9. I love the illustration the climber's tent provides for our safety in Christ, despite the precariousness of life on earth. And I do so love the mountains!! Gorgeous pictures you've shared from Yosemite!!

  10. Dear Joan, What a lovely post and photos! Makes me want to go to Yosemite! But in the meantime, I'll just cling tighter to my Rock!
    Love in Christ,

  11. Joan, I cannot believe reading your post. Seriously, you will understand when you have time to stop by my blog...I have not read your post until tonight...You will see what I mean.

    You are so right, Joan, God's strength is my comfort. Especially when it comes to the ups and downs life this side of heaven.

    Thank you for hosting...

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  12. I really loved this one, Joan. Nature always stirs a special spiritual spot in my heart. Yes, I love the image of God as our Rock. There are so many wonderful lessons to be learned from that. I have never gone rock climbing, but I just recently read a book whose main character was a rock climber. He emphasized that rock climbers have to have very strong fingers! Sometimes when they move from one position to another, it's only their fingers that are holding on.

    I guess I never thought of that before. It's important to have our spiritual bodies in shape, but we also need to have strong fingers. Fingers that cling to the Rock - hanging on in trust - when we are moved along our faith journey.

    The Rock is strong - and we must cling to it with our very lives.


  13. Wow awesome he is our rock my fortress my Savior ! Amen

  14. Sorry I missed your link-up! I also love our great immovable ROCK!


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