"In our culture today, we are constantly inundated with beauty tips. Through many forms of media we are promised that anti-wrinkle creams, the latest fashions or even cosmetic augmentation will somehow improve our lives and fill the emptiness we feel inside. But, from God's perspective, our physical qualities are of least importance..."

Please join me over at Laced with Grace to continue reading this devotional as well as others written by Christian women who seek to bless you with the messages that God has impressed upon their hearts.

Living for Him,


  1. As always, a powerful post, Joan. I pray you had a beautiful birthday today.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  2. We have been studying women of the bible in our ladies' group. Several weeks have focused on inner beauty vs. outward beauty!

  3. It's a bullseye...no cosmetics can fill the gaps...it's only God who can.... wonderful post!


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