Heavenly Father,

Today I'm offering up a simple prayer of thanks to You.  I know that my words can't come close to expressing the depth of gratitude and joy that I feel, but You Lord, can see my heart.  So much has happened over the past few weeks that it seems as if the world around me has been nothing but a blur.  Hours have melded into days, and the days into weeks, but through it all You have been faithful!  Thank You, Father, for saving our daughter.  Through the hands of surgeons made skillful by You, her broken heart was mended.

So many emotions have boiled up under the surface since we heard our daughter needed open heart surgery, but with every fear and with every worry, I heard You say, "Trust Me, trust Me."  And if, Lord, there was any lesson You were teaching us it was that...to trust You.  Thank you for the peace that you granted us.  "You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an Everlasting Rock" (Isaiah 26:3-4). 

You are our Everlasting Rock, Lord!  Thank You that in the midst of the storm You comforted us. When turbulent waters threatened to overtake us, you lavished Your love upon us. I am overwhelmed!  Through Your word and the people that You placed in our path, wisdom was gained and faith was deepened.  We are so thankful for our brothers and sisters both near and far who prayed for our daughter...for her healing and for her life. And thank You, Father, for answering them is such a wonderful way!  Because of your incredible compassion, a young woman now has a beautiful future ahead of her which is full of hope and promise.  A child still has a mother, a husband has a wife, and these two parents are lifting up our arms in praise to You...for we have a daughter made strong by You.

In your Son's precious name I pray, Amen

"The more opportunities to trust Him, the more worn the knees of my jeans become." JD 

Living for Him,
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  1. So glad your daughter's healing was His plan and that you all are blessed with relief and time to share gifts. I pray the joy continues...

  2. Joan, what a beautiful and heartfelt prayer. I continue to pray for your daughter. I'm so glad to read between the lines that she must be recovering well.

    Love and hugs,

  3. Amen! Beautiful prayer, Joan. We'll keep praying for her and the family!

  4. Joan - I had no idea about your daughter. I'm thankful she is doing okay.

    This is a beautiful prayer of praise and thanksgiving.


  5. that was beautiful Joan. it must have been so difficult. my daughter had a seizure on New Year's eve 2010, it was the most scariest moments of my life. I am thankful that god was among us.

  6. Thank you Joan for sharing your grateful heart with us today. "Peace, wonderful peace, coming down from the Father" ... this song came to mind when I was reading about your daughter. May His peace fill your heart, soul and mind today! Happy TT!

  7. Joan, what a beautiful and heartfelt prayer. Simply beautiful and so sincere.

    Praying for you and your family (daughter) as you continue your walk.


  8. Glory to God!!! Such a beautiful, heartfelt post.
    My heart is melting... Thank you, Jesus.

  9. Beautiful prayer. I'm praising God with you that you daughter is doing well.

  10. Amen, Joan! I praise Him along side you seeing your daughter through this tough surgery. What a precious gift of the surgeons to mend your daughter's heart.

    Thank you for sharing your grateful heart with us this week.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  11. Joan:
    I'm living with my pain pretty well. That being said, if it were one of my children, I'm sure I'd be going through an entire set of differing emotions. So thankful for your daughter's report; I pray you have a lifetime of memories left to make and enjoy.


  12. Joan, I am so glad that your daughter is OK. What a hard thing to walk through. I am so glad you had Him to hold onto. Beautiful post. xo

  13. This is simply beautiful. I am so thankful your daughter is doing okay.

  14. I am so glad your daughter is healing. Such a beautiful prayer too. Thank you for sharing.


  15. Praise the Lord for answered prayer...and your prayer of thanks and praise was beautiful....

  16. Thank you to everyone! Our daughter continues to improve. Each day she is getting stronger and stronger. We are rejoicing in the miracle that God has done!

    Living with thanks for Him, Joan


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