I've heard it said that the only constant thing in life is change. At this time of year, as the summer days are reaching their end, the morning air is just beginning to turn crisp and sweaters are becoming necessary in the late afternoon. Soon, as autumn continues to blow its way further into the North Bay, the days will shorten and the leaves on the trees will change from green to gold. Pumpkin patches will emerge amid the drying cornstalks on the outskirts of town, ready and waiting for children to excitedly hunt for the perfect pumpkin to carve. Thanksgiving will arrive with scents of cinnamon and freshly baked apple pies. Then, fall will give way to winter and the earth will rest as it prepares for the coming of spring. I love the earth’s shifting seasons, but for many of us, change is an uncomfortable feeling.

Our world is continually changing. Political leaders come and go, new governments emerge and some fade. Society changes the way it thinks, sometimes for the better, and sometimes not. The fashions of today will be outdated tomorrow. Our children grow up, relationships change and people move on. And, as the days turn into years, our bodies continually transform bringing new challenges as we age. But in the midst of our ever-changing world we can breathe a sigh of relief, for our God is a never-changing God. We can count on Him to be ever faithful, ever strong, “For I am the Lord, I do not change” (Malachi 3:6).

My family is entering into a new season of change. After several joyful months with our son home following his tour in Iraq, he is returning to school to continue his education. We are so pleased for him and are celebrating his chosen path, but with his move, my husband and I are once again “empty-nesters”. It is a change we knew was coming, but still, the swiftness with which it arrived was surprising. We are also happily celebrating God’s hand upon our daughter through her recent surgery and recovery. The changes in her life and health have been astounding! We are excited to see what God has done and is continuing to do! And now, we are also looking at a change in homes. We are not going far, only a few minutes away, but with any relocation comes saying good-bye to familiar surroundings and facing the unknown. However, we know that though there may be some uncertain days to come, God will be there.

As humans, we thrive in stable environments. So what do we do when our world is changing all around us? We depend on the One who is always steady. God is the Rock upon which to stand. It is so comforting to remember that no matter what changes there are around us, God is unwavering. We can count on Him. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). His power, love and mercy never changes and never ends.

Living for Him,



  1. Hi Joan,
    I just found you through Debbie's blog and your post encouraged my heart so. My nest emptied just before my mother died and so the "changes" have been coming fast and furious for me.
    What a blessing that our GOD changes not!
    Truly, HE is the solid ground we can tread, knowing that His LOVE endures forever!!!
    I'll come back to visit often.
    Blessings ~


  2. Joan, those seasons of our lives are constantly changing. But you sound like there is an air of excitement about the upcoming changes. Empty nesters, hmm...

    So glad your son is home from Iraq and your daughter is doing well.

    Hugs to you,

  3. Joan,
    I've been an "empty nester" for a few years now - it's still hard. I miss my sons a lot. There are many other changes that come to me at this time in my life. It's hard - like you pointed out, we humans thrive in stable environments. But, the Lord remains steadfast and immovable - a Rock on which to stand. Thank you for your good words, and for reminding me that we can ALWAYS count on Him.


  4. I love your perspective on change. You embrace it! So many times we fight changes - but life is full of different seasons. We must learn to live in the season we are in. How exciting! A new season and a new home. Love your encouraging inspirational posts Joan. xo

  5. Hi Joan! I also found you through Debbie's blog. Kind regards. Philip

  6. Joan your writing always touches my heart. You paint a beautiful word picture with the changing seasons. I'm so thankful your daughter is doing well and for God's hand of protection over your son.

    In these days of uncertainty, it is a comfort to know we can rely on the One who never changes.


  7. Amen! Life does change all the time...but our unchanging God is the one constant we can depend on always....

  8. I am learning to embrace change. We recently had to sell our home, where we've lived and raised our children for 16 years and are now renting. Uncertain times, yes. But we are never alone!

  9. Yes! Amen! We cling to the one who does not change. We hold fast to His character, His promise and His program in our lives. Time is merely a blip on the radar screen of Eternity. It's all about what brings Him glory.

    Blessings my friend.

  10. I am so glad I popped over here! Enjoyed a first visit and will be following.

    Thank you for your sweet spirit. Come see me.

  11. So grateful for the Anchor who sustains us through all seasons of change! We can live anywhere, go through anything, as long as we are tethered to his side and his truth. Stay connected to the Vine, sweet sister, and this upcoming season of change will be a sweet transition of faith and trust and growth.

    I get this one.


  12. I am so greatful that God never changes! That is one thing we can always count on in this world that doesn't stop changing!

  13. Hey Joan, Just read your blog and I am watching my daughter try to adjust to her empty nest. Gabe ,her son, left last Dec. for the AF. He was stationed in Tx. and now OK until sometime next year, when he will go to Afghanistan. He is an only child and so I think that makes it even worse. She and her husband are Christians and they have spent lots of time in prayer and even though they don't ask for prayer Ron and I both lift them up all the time. I will keep you both in my prayers.
    Love in Christ,Glenda

  14. Amen to that, Joan. Yes, changes happen in our lives, praise God that Jesus is unchangeable.

    I am thrilled that your daughter is recovering so well. How neat that your son is going back to school.

    Thank you for sharing from your heart and your encouragement.

    Love & peace,
    <>< Iris

  15. I enjoy the empty nest... right now I am going through the season of the "change"... Those hot flashes are so awful! LOL.... great post... thank you...


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