One of my favorite books in the Bible is the Book of Psalms.  In it, there are 150 separate psalms. 73 were written by King David, 12 by Asaph and 9 by the sons of Korah.  David's Son, Solomon wrote 2 while Heman, Ethan and Moses each wrote one.  The remaining 51 psalms are anonymous.  Though the psalms in this collection were written by different authors, each share the true range of expressions of the human heart.  There are confessions, prayers, praises, cries for help and questions lifted up to our Lord through poetry and song.  Over the years, God has comforted, encouraged, convicted and strengthened me through their words.

For the next 150 days I am going to read one psalm a day and then prayerfully reflect and meditate on God's word for me in them.  I welcome you to join me in this challenge.  Feel free to share your comments or thoughts on my "Psalm a Day" page (you can navigate there by clicking on the rose colored link within this post or the link on my blog's home page to the right).

To start us off, I included Psalm One below:

"Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with mockers.  But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do.  But not the wicked! They are like worthless chaff, scattered by the wind. They will be condemned at the time of judgment.  Sinners will have no place among the godly. For the Lord watches over the path of the godly, but the path of the wicked leads to destruction." Psalm 1 (NLT)

I pray that you enjoy this time with the Lord and that through the psalms you are brought ever closer in your relationship with Him.  I look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I'll be posting my daily comments on each Psalm under my "Psalm a Day -- Your Comments" link listed under my pages on my home page!

  2. I love this! I already try to do it but I'll take on the challenge! :-)

  3. Great! I'm glad to have you aboard!!


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